How Facebook Marketing Works

Discussing how Facebook Marketing works for businesses and business pages, targeting people who are Facebook page admins

Two years ago when I asked my employer for funds to spend on Facebook ads. He gave me a confused look and asked “How does Facebook work?”

It’s a great question! At the time none of our competition was using Facebook for marketing or branding. It was hard for people to understand the power of Facebook and some still don’t quite understand it now. 

I convinced my employer to spend $200. I promised him he’d see the results and that it would increase traffic to our website. We spent $200 over 14 days and the results were incredible.


Traffic to our website increased by 41% and we had two customers mention the post when they ordered the product. After the success of the ad, I was allowed to allocate as much of the budget towards Facebook as I wanted.

What happens when you sign up with Point? 

The first thing we do is look at your website. We make sure that your website is user-friendly and functions. We do not sell websites but we recommend all of our clients have a website that is easy for their customers to use. 

We then start creating organic content for your Facebook page. We focus less on getting page Facebook Likes, and more on getting your content engagement. Engagement will lead to likes, that will hopefully lead to a sale.

With organic content, we know that this is content that will be seen by two types of people, current customers that already know who you are and potential customers that are in the process of getting to know your business and deciding whether or not they will do business with you. 

With organic content, our strategy is to build a relationship with our current customers and tell them about the company story and the company culture. With potential customers, we build content that shows all the different products and services the company offers and reviews. Showing reviews is a powerful way to help current customers feel good about their purchase and show potential customers that you strive for satisfied customers. 

Facebook Paid Ads

If you are not using paid ads to get your message and brand out, you are missing out. Facebook paid ads are the most cost-effective way to spread your branding and messaging. At Point, we spend time and energy on building a unique audience for your target market. If you’ve ever boosted a post on Facebook before, that is a version of paid advertising, but it’s hard to build a great target audience on that. Facebook has the ability to automatically create audiences for you, however, these are likely to end in a higher cost per click as there are some things that Facebook can’t factor in themselves.

Facebook Marketing is an On-Going Process

Facebook’s parent company, Meta, is always making changes. It’s not black and white like it was over a decade ago. The advertising algorithm is tailored for making meaningful connections, this allows businesses of all sizes to get in front of the right Facebook or Instagram users. Because of this, it’s always an on-going process for getting the best results. Learn from Facebook why and how their advertising works!

Drew Donnay

When it comes to marketing and advertising, my focus is to maximize ROI (return on investment). In my spare time, I enjoy writing scripts, watching movies, making movies, walking my dog, Kennedy, sports card investing, and dominating fantasy football.

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