5 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Crucial in 2022

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The number 1 content marketing strategy in 2022 is video. In fact, video has blown up so much in the last few years that I hate to say it, but if you’re not incorporating video material in your marketing, you are losing potential customers. Or at the very least, you are not engaging a huge portion of the market enough for them to be interested in your product or service. 

The Numbers Don’t Lie

2021 data says the overall number of video marketing uploads is 88% higher than before the pandemic. Think about that, the amount of video content on the internet was already extraordinary but within the last 2 years businesses have been uploading 88% more?! And a shocking total of 12.2 billion minutes of video was watched last year; that’s 23,211 years’ worth of content!

Video Ads drive more engagement

Studies show that 74% of users who have watched an explainer video purchase that product. When a consumer can visually see how to use a product, they are more likely to understand and make a purchase decision. 

Video shows great ROI

In 2022, 87% of video marketers reported that video gives them a positive ROI. That number was 33% in 2015. Having a video as, for example, a Facebook Ad has been proven to attract engagement and increase click traffic, lowering the cost per results to increase that return on investment of your ad spend. 

Video is HUGE on Mobile

51% of all videos are played on mobile devices, and at the same time, mobile use is also skyrocketing. Mobile video consumption has increased 17 fold since 2012. If you want to market to anyone with a smartphone, you need to start video marketing.

Engages “Lazy Buyers”

What is a “Lazy Buyer?” Attention spans are continuing to get shorter and shorter, many consumers are not going to read articles, or instructions anymore. But one thing is for certain: video is super easy to consume.

With all that content you can see how you may be running behind on your marketing, but don’t worry because now is always a great time to start! It doesn’t have to be too time consuming either, the vast majority of marketing videos are 2 minutes or less. 

Why Point Marketing?

We have experts that focus on Facebook and Instagram content marketing and advertising, video production, and more. If you are looking for a partner to help guide you through your digital marketing strategy, we can help! Give us a call and we’ll talk through your goals and offer strategies to help you reach them.

Drew Donnay

When it comes to marketing and advertising, my focus is to maximize ROI (return on investment). In my spare time, I enjoy writing scripts, watching movies, making movies, walking my dog, Kennedy, sports card investing, and dominating fantasy football.

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