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Who is your number one salesman? I may have never met you or even know what your business is about, but I know who it is. It’s your website. 

A while back I met with a potential client to talk about our Social Media Management process. Before the meeting I did my research on them and what was the first thing I did? I went to their website. After a little digging, I ran into some issues. What do you want a customer to accomplish or know after going to your site? That should be the question every business needs to ask themselves. 

This specific lead was in the service industry. What are the 2 main things a visitor is trying to do on a website of a service provider? Schedule service and pay their bill. Both of these options were at the bottom of the page. This meant when a visitor came to the site, they would have to scroll all the way to the bottom to accomplish that. Also, the image on the top page was of a farm and had nothing to do with the business. All branding & messaging was absent throughout the site.

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To be transparent, at Point, we don’t sell websites, but I was going into a meeting with a potential client to pitch an investment to generate traffic to their site to obtain customers. 

The morning of the meeting, the client was on the sales floor picking up papers and tossing them in the trash. He told me he’d be right with me. He grabbed a broom and swept up the rest of the mess. As we sat down, the pitch was going great, “There’s just one problem” I told him, “You’ve got to do something about your website!” He was surprised by my feedback, and suggesting to take down that farm photo was a crazy thought! He thought the photo would register with his target audience. It’s important that your site looks good but it’s more important how it functions. Let your users accomplish what they want in the fewest clicks possible.

Why are the customers that visit the shop more important than the customers that visit the website?

I asked him why he was cleaning up when I came in this morning. He replied, “Well I got customers coming in today”. Okay, how many customers are coming in today? “About 5-10” And how many people visited his website on a daily basis? He didn’t know! As we found out together, roughly 75 users were visiting his website everyday. So why are the 10 people who are coming in the shop more important than the 65 additional customers through his website??

For the business owners and marketing managers of these Central Minnesota communities, it’s critical to understand what people are doing and looking for on your site. Every business is different and you should make it as easy as possible to do those things. 

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Drew Donnay

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